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Sección Evolución y Sistemática.
Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República.                                                           
Igua 4225, Esq. Mataojo. Piso 6, ala Norte.
Montevideo, 11400. Uruguay.

Tels.: (598) 2525 8618-23 ext. 143
Fax:   (598) 2525 8617

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Bach. Degree in Biological Sciences (2002). Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay.

MSc. in Zoology (2006). PEDECIBA, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay.

PhD. in Biological Sciences (2011). PEDECIBA, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay.


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- D’Anatro, A. & Lessa, E. P. (2006). “Geometric morphometric analysis of geographic variation in the Río Negro tuco-tuco, Ctenomys rionegrensis (Rodentia: Ctenomyidae). Mammalian Biology 71:288-298.

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- D’Anatro, A. & D'Elía, G. (2011). Incongruent patterns of morphological, molecular, and karyotipic variation among populations of Ctenomys pearsoni Lessa and Langguth,1983 (Rodentia, Ctenomyidae). Mammalian Biology 76:36-40.

- D’Anatro, A.; Pereira, A. & Lessa, E. P. (2011). Genetic structure of Micropogonias furnieri Desmarest (Perciformes: Sciaenidae) along Uruguayan coasts: contrasting marine, estuarine, and lacustrine populations. Environmental Biology of Fishes 91:407-420.

- D’Anatro, A. & Lessa, E. P. (2011). Phenotypic and genetic variation in the white croaker Micropogonias furnieri Desmarest 1823 (Perciformes: Sciaenidae): testing the relative roles of genetic drift and natural selection on population divergence. Journal of Zoology 285:138-149.

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- Mora, M. S., Cutrera. A. P.,  Lessa, E. P., Vassallo, A. I, D'Anatro, A. & Mapelli, F.J. (2013). Phylogeography and population genetic structure of the Talas’s tuco-tuco (Ctenomys talarum): integrating demographic and habitat histories. Journal of Mammalogy 94:459–476.

- D'Anatro, A., Naya, D. E.; Lessa, E. P. & Defeo, O. (2013). Contrasting patterns of morphological variation with dietary preferences in Micropogonias furnieri: insights from stable-isotope and digestive-trait analyses. Journal of Fish Biology 82:1641-1658.

Other publications:

- Loureiro, M.; D’Anatro, A.; Teixeira de Mello, F. & Cardozo, V. (2007). Austrolebias cinereus. In: IUCN 2007. 2007 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

- D’Anatro, A.; Wlasiuk, G. & Lessa, E. P. (2011). Historia climática del Cuaternario tardío y estructura poblacional del tucu-tucu de Río Negro Ctenomys rionegrensis. In: El Holoceno en la zona costera del Uruguay; García-Rodríguez, F. (Ed.);157-174, 267 pp. (in spanish).


Academic interests:

My academic interests are focused mainly on the processes responsible of biological diversity at both, the intra- and inter-specific levels. In this sense, I consider that morphometrics and molecular tools are specially suited to study biodiversity.


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